Property owners face never-ending circus

Everyone would like to get rid of property taxes, especially if your children are all over 50 years old.

I personally have been paying property taxes every year since 1952. I also have not had any children in school for the last 37 years. I guess it’s again the property owners who get stuck with this.

When William Penn started all this, it was about property owners. If you owned property, you were a responsible person and had to pay your taxes. At that time, you had the privilege of voting, but if you did not own property, you could not vote.

(I’m starting to think that might be a good idea).

If I have to pay taxes all my life, I should get some benefit from it.

Some of our legislators are talking about a tax for senior citizens. I think it would help, because most of us are on fixed incomes, as I have been since 1983.

Our main problem is that we cannot go on strike for more money. We cannot picket a business to force them to pay us more, which would cause them to charge more, and then we would end up spending more of our fixed income, for goods and services, that we couldn’t afford before.

This is a never-ending circus.

When I started to work, I learned several things. If you were not satisfied with what you were earning, you looked for another job, but you never changed jobs unless it was for less hours or more money. Then you had better be ready because either job was more work. There were no free lunches. You got what you earned.

So everybody had better prepare themselves. There are two sure things in life: death and taxes.

Gerald Balasco