Police: Man’s dogs killed two deer

A Tipton man faces charges after his dogs allegedly chased down and killed two deer this year.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, three dogs owned by Kevin Lloyd Taylor, 59, of 214 Kingdom St., killed two white-tailed deer in separate incidents on Feb. 6 and Feb. 19.

Along with the two deer, both antlerless, Taylor’s dogs are accused of killing a cotton-tailed rabbit.

Two dogs, both Labrador retrievers, chased down and killed a deer along Grazierville Road the night of Feb. 6, Wildlife Conservation Officer William Brehun Jr. noted in charges filed before Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller.

Officers who investigated the incident said they found fresh blood on both dogs and a dead rabbit behind Taylor’s fenced-in yard.

Taylor pleaded guilty to the Feb. 6 incident March 5 and will have to pay $800 to the Game Commission for the deer, as well as another $571.48 in costs and fines.

Brehun noted the second alleged killing on Feb. 19 also brought a misdemeanor charge of failing to keep his dogs confined because of previous incidents within the past several months, as well as a summary charge of dogs pursuing, injuring or killing big game.

The Feb. 19 incident, records show, allegedly involved a black Labrador retriever and a Siberian husky, with a witness telling wildlife conservation officers that the two dogs killed the deer. Officers subsequently found bloody dog tracks in the snow in the area where the deer was attacked.

Brehun said officers subsequently recovered the carcasses of both deer.

The charges are just the latest in a string of citations filed against Taylor in the past five months. In all, Taylor has been cited for failing to keep his dogs confined four times since December. Taylor pleaded guilty to all four dog law violations and was hit with $1,485.40 in fines and costs, according to court records.

Taylor was also charged in December and ultimately pleaded guilty to failing to keep the three dogs’ vaccinations current and was fined $370.96.

Taylor could not be reached for comment, and it was not known on Friday if he has hired an attorney. A preliminary hearing is slated for May 6 in Tyrone District Court.