Make your voice heard: Eliminate property tax

Before it becomes history, it is news. Once printed, newspapers become a public record and can be used in a court of law.

The Mirror has printed several articles on reassessment the past eight weeks, and when considered as a whole, presents a compelling one-sided case for reassessment.

In consideration of these articles, we are being legally forewarned of reassessment’s inevitability.

For Blair County citizens to leave the direction of these considerations unchallenged is to agree by “tacit or implied assent” to reassessment.

Whoever our next commissioners are, their hands are tied, and regardless of the electioneering rhetoric, your vote for a candidate will not stop reassessment but in fact silently endorse it.

We are being entangled in a sophisticated swindle.

We are not without options, though. Come next general election for the county commissioners, place a referendum on the ballot charging the commissioners to seek out other counties to form a coalition of a simple majority of counties to demand from Harrisburg the elimination of the property tax.

Let the voters vote it up or down, and we’ll see first hand if representative democracy can work.

There have been numerous attempts at property tax reform through the legislature. All have failed because of special interest influence.

Going through county government would dilute the influence of these factions.

It would also be adviseable to avoid the state County Commissioners Association because it is a political chokepoint.

If Harrisburg chooses to ignore the counties or presents flim-flam legislation, then a simple majority of counties can call for a constitutional convention, which is their prerogative, not the state’s.

It’s time for county government to reclaim their rightful constitutional authority.

The electorates’ mood against reassessment is considered a means to an end, and that end is the elimination of the property tax.

Fred Albright