Cities need choices

State House Bill 1807, known as the Leave Policy Act, would remove the sovereignty and right of democratic choice from the hands of Pennsylvania municipalities and the citizens of our towns.

This bill would prohibit Pennsylvania municipalities from enacting any laws that require employers to provide any type of leave, paid or unpaid, from employment that is not required by state or federal law.

This type of employment leave law was just defeated in Philadelphia by a democratic process within the city government.

City governments must have this right of sovereignty, free of the big government demands of our state government, or the democratic process becomes moot, and our cities will fall under the dictates of the state.

Representative Seth Grove, R-York introduced this bill stating that local regulations dictating leave were unfair to small-business owners and large corporations.

Most people employed in Pennsylvania do not have a union to speak for them about the human needs of their employment.

Each municipality must have the right to choose which businesses such a law would affect or not affect and if they wish to have such a law at all. The people call this self-government.

If the state dictates control over a city by a mandated law from Harrisburg, this should be called the hand of Big Brother.

Louis Anthony Mollica