Editorial lacking

This is in response to the editorial in the August 14 Mirror, “Details of filthy home repulsive.”

I generally read the editorials in a newspaper to learn more about an issue and gain some additional analysis or point of view that I hadn’t considered. I do not understand the Mirror’s reasoning in publishing August 14’s editorial. That piece offered no new information, nor did it offer a unique and interesting point of view.

Any reasonable individual would arrive at the conclusion that a home containing roaches, fleas, dirty mattresses and animal urine and feces was repulsive. Where’s the penetrating analysis and fresh point of view?

I am uncertain what the reasoning was for including this particular editorial. Just to keep the story in the public’s mind? I hope not; that benefits no one, especially the woman and her family. An easy bandwagon to jump on, since virtually no one can disagree.

I hope future Mirror editorials will include more original, and maybe even compassionate, analysis.

Marie Enedy, Altoona