‘Passing trash’ tricky

Regarding the June 10 editorial “passing the trash,” in the past, people caught stealing from their employer were fired and when asked for a reference by the thief’s future employers, their stealing was duly noted on the reference.

And the accused thief was blackballed in any job that included handling cash.

The problem is that the stealing was always alleged and often criminally unproven. That’s why today an employer omits making unproven accusations.

The employer does not wish to be sued. Now an employee caught tipping the register in a fast food shop, and fired, can quickly end up in another fast food eatery.

Business owners, as well as school boards, are very reluctant to end up in court without documented proof.

It’s easier to omit the thievery and to pass on the culprit to someone else and let it be their problem.

John K. Coyle, Bedford