Trees annihilated

This letter refers to the annihilation of the trees along Broad Avenue. My family and I have lived off Broad Avenue for 13 years. I always enjoyed the beauty of the setting and how the trees created a canopy for motorists to travel through.

Imagine my surprise when I drove home from work and saw the ruination of this historical road. These trees were basically hacked off right down the middle. It was obvious that a professional did not do this job.

I also understand that PennDOT officials failed to get a permit for this tree obliteration. All contractors know enough to get a permit when work is done in the city, but somehow PennDOT doesn’t?

Is PennDOT above that process? The city received federal funds to enhance the appearance of Sixth Avenue to those entering the city. Now due to the ineptness of PennDOT officials, Broad Avenue is destroyed. Those leaving the city get an up close and personal view of the deterioration of Broad Avenue.

These trees once graced the appearance of the city giving the area a soft look. Now all the flaws are exposed.

All of this is because of someone who has no idea what they’re doing and how it affects those living in the area.

I understand the concern about the condition of the trees, but there were other ways to go about this. Now we’re left with the destruction.

I want city officials to know that, as a citizen of Altoona, I am willing to purchase a couple of trees to replace those destroyed. I don’t want to see this historical area left to look this awful way.

Kristen Downs