Council recommends…­

The Blair Bedford Central Labor Council recently conducted a candidates night, which filled our hall and gave us some great insight about the candidates for the upcoming primary election.

We could not come up with a clear choice for judge, as all three were very close in our voting. However for mayor of Altoona, John Pentland stood out , and we recommend him.

The Altoona Area school board recommendations are: Skip Dry, Elizabeth Chapman, the Rev. John Klingeman, John Donley and Romy Styer-Slogik.

For the City Study Commission, we recommend the following: Robert Kutz, Richard Flarend, Wayne Hippo, Dave Duncan, Beverly Green, Victor Curfman and Heather Eckels.

The most important thing to remember is to get out to vote.

Robert Kutz Jr.

President, Blair Bedford Central Labor Council