Install high speed rail

Wake up, folks! We are getting duped. Our politicians in Washington think it is OK to borrow 40 percent of our government’s operating budget.

Then, to add insult to injury, they give away over $300 billion to almost every country in the world. Many of those countries hate us and our lifestyle.

Here is my solution for this and other major problems in our country: Since the government is so eager to give money away, why not use this money ($300 billion) to install high speed rail systems from north to south and east to west?

Use everyone of our two million plus unemployed people to do the work, since the government is paying them anyway with unemployment compensation. Next, everyone on Social Security Disability who is not in a wheelchair should have to report for evaluation. There is always some type of work these people can do.

Next problem: illegal immigration. If these illegals are serious about becoming citizens, let them sign on to this high speed rail project for two years, pay them minimum wage minus taxes and feed and house them during this period. This would make them eligible for citizenship.

I’m not a rocket scientist, but some solutions are certainly available. But will our elected politicians do anything logical? No.

Mark Koenig, Nanty Glo