Beam sees the light

Two of our Blair County commissioners, completely ignoring the pleadings of Valley View residents, employees and their friends and relatives, as well as all of those who play and participate in the soccer activities at the Valley View soccer fields, callously and defiantly go on with their plans to sell Valley View Home if the price is right.

What puzzles me is that Diane Meling, after stating she wasn’t committed “one way or the other,” didn’t hesitate to jump on board with Terry Tomassetti to see “what kind of interest and dollars are available.”

It is plain to see that these two had nothing but monetary sugarplums dancing in their heads, and that the future of all those affected if Valley View is sold wasn’t even considered.

The fact that they made their announcement at Christmas time, and what kind of sadness and trepidation it would have on those who would be directly involved if the sale is made, shows the complete disregard Meling and Tomassetti have for the citizens, young and old, of Blair County.

Voters have long memories, and when these two come up for re-election, it should be an interesting time.

I would like to commend Commissioner Ted Beam for his stand for not going along with this farce.

Being the “new kid on the block,” I’m sure he would have had an easier time just going with the flow, but he cares for the people of Blair County, and all those individuals who are wondering what the future holds for them, if Valley View is sold.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Ted.

Ed Leipold